Tourist Visa for UAE

UAE Visa Application Guide for Bangladesh Citizens

Welcome to the UAE visa application guide for citizens of Bangladesh. This comprehensive guide will assist you in the process of obtaining a tourist or business visa for the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Please follow these organized steps for a successful application:

Basic Information

Before starting your application, ensure you have the essential information:

  • Embassy Contact Information:
    • Embassy Phone:
      • Local: (02) 988.2277
      • International: (+88) 02-988-2277
    • Embassy Email: 
    • Embassy Address: Dubai House No 191, Gulshan North Avenue, Gulshan 2, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh
    • Processing time 5 to 7 working days)

Visa Types

The most common types of UAE visas for Bangladeshi citizens are:

  • Tourist Visa: For tourists visiting the UAE for leisure.
  • Business Visa: For individuals traveling to the UAE for business purposes.

Visa Requirements

To apply for a UAE visa, you will typically need the following documents:

  1. Passport Scan Copy (Color): Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months from your intended date of entry into the UAE.

  2. Recent Passport Size Photo: Provide one passport-sized photo with a white background. Clean shave and avoid wearing caps or glasses in the photo.

  3. Previous Visited Visa Copies: If you have visited the UAE before, include copies of your previous visa(s).

  4. Visiting Card Scan Copy: Include a scan copy of your visiting card.

Important Notes

  1. Submission Process: Submit all passports (previous and new) to Wanderlust Trails Travels Ltd. at the time of submission.

  2. Types of Visas: Wanderlust Trails Travels Ltd. processes tourist and business visas only. They do not process other types of visas such as non-immigrant, immigrant, work, study, etc.

  3. Urgent Visas: They do not process urgent visas.

  4. Document Preparation: After submitting all the documents, allow 1-2 working days for Wanderlust Trails Travels Ltd. to prepare the documents for submission to the respective embassies.

  5. Additional Documents: Be prepared for potential requests for additional documents by the embassy, as they may require more than usual. Cooperation is essential if such a situation arises.

  6. Visa Approval: Visa approval is at the discretion of the embassy. Sometimes, the embassy may request a personal interview session, and applicants must comply if required.

Please use this organized guide to ensure a successful UAE visa application. Keep in mind that visa approval is subject to the embassy’s decision, and it’s crucial to provide accurate and complete documentation. Safe travels to the UAE!

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