Tourist Visa for the Philippines

Philippines Visa Application Guide for Bangladesh Citizens

Welcome to the Philippines visa application guide for citizens of Bangladesh. This comprehensive guide will assist you in the process of obtaining a visa for the Philippines. Please follow these organized steps for a successful application:

Basic Information

Before starting your application, ensure you have the essential information:

  • Embassy Contact Information:
    • Embassy Phone: (+88) 02 988 1591, (+88) 019 1547 7731
    • Embassy Email:
    • Embassy Address: House No. 17, Road No. 7, Baridhara, Dhaka 1212

Visa Requirements

  1. Notarized and Computer Typed Application Form: Ensure that your application form is notarized and computer typed.

  2. Proof of Financial Capability: Provide evidence of your financial capability, such as bank solvency.

  3. Bank Statement: Include your bank statement with a minimum balance of Tk 2 Lac.

  4. TIN Certificate (English): Provide your Tax Identification Number certificate in English.

  5. For Businessmen:

    • Trade License: Include a translated and notarized copy in English.
  6. For Employees:

    • NOC Letter: Obtain a No Objection Certificate from your employer.
    • Students: Provide a letter from your school/university along with your student ID.
  7. Two Recent Photographs: Include two copies of 2″x2″ recent photographs with a white background.

  8. Invitation Letter from Sponsor: If you have a sponsor, ensure the invitation letter is notarized. Include a copy of the sponsor’s passport and ID card. Send a copy to the Philippine Embassy from the Philippines as well.

  9. Tour Plan: Prepare a tour plan.

  10. Travel Itinerary: Provide your travel itinerary and booking details.

  11. Booking Hotel/Accommodation: Include proof of hotel or accommodation booking.

  12. Personal Letter to the Visa Officer: Write a personal letter to the visa officer.

  13. Passport: Ensure your passport is valid for not less than nine (9) months. Include both the photocopy and original.

  14. National ID: Provide a copy of your National ID.

  15. Travel History: Show proof of travel to at least one Asian country (e.g., Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.).

Visa Processing Time

Visa processing typically takes 10-15 working days.

Important Notes

  1. Ensure that your application form is notarized and computer typed.
  2. The minimum bank balance required is Tk 2 Lac.
  3. For businessmen, provide a translated and notarized trade license in English.
  4. Employees need a NOC letter from their employer, while students require a letter from their school/university.
  5. All documents should be prepared in English.
  6. Include a copy of your National ID.
  7. Travel history to at least one Asian country is required.
  8. Visa processing may take 10-15 working days.
  9. (Original copy) of NOC, Bank statements & Bank Solvency Certificate.

Please use this organized guide to ensure a successful Philippines visa application. Keep in mind that the Philippines visa requirements can be strict, so make sure to follow all instructions and provide all necessary documents accurately. Safe travels to the Philippines!

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