Visa for Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka with E-Visa Package

Embark on your Sri Lanka adventure with Wanderlust Trails Travels Ltd.’s seamless e-Visa processing! Explore the island’s treasures hassle-free with a generous 6-month validity, all for just BDT 7,800. Here are the essentials for your Sri Lanka e-Visa application:

Requirements for Wanderlust Trails Travels Ltd.’s Sri Lanka E-Visa Application:

  1. High-quality soft copy of passport-sized photograph against a white background.
  2. Scanned soft copy of the bio page of your passport.
  3. Digital copy of hotel booking confirmation details.
  4. Airline ticket copy.

With these documents in hand, you’re all set to unlock the wonders of Sri Lanka through Wanderlust Trails Travels Ltd.’s convenient e-Visa application process.

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